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myREdrm is a soul & world traveller, exploring the bright side of the shadow and the dark side of the light. A hippie with confetti, drifting through time and space. Torn between wish and truth. Honestly critical. Running slow into order and chaos.


With a lifetime in the manic pursuit of visual and creative bliss, while experiencing life in different social structures, cultures and professions, myREdrm’s creative skillsets have grown to include: Painting, drawing, photography, videography and animation, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro and AfterEffects. In the vein of said pursuit she is always working to understand new mediums. Always collecting materials and working with whatever is on hand and mind. Need is the mother of invention.


myREdrm is creating artworks, analoge and digital, for well over a decade, and is currently working on the Eden Reversed project, which intends to pick up people at their dark spots, and to offer solution approaches through the. To underline the messages they are accompanied by music (supporting other artists) and text.


Her love especially goes to artworks with deeper messages, always open to be combined with typography. From fine lines with a hair to bloody colourful massacres. Her work is inspired by art like the impressionism of Claude Monet, the lines of Friedrich Hundertwasser, the Typography of David Carson, the lightings of David LaChapelle, as well as the graffiti style of Banksy.




myREdrm is manic creative not only in arts, also in design since 2011. She likes to experience life in different social structures, cultures and professions, to get the big picture, what offers her wide range of knowledge and understanding.


In the past years she lived manly in Berlin, after moving from Munich after 5 years following a common career path, while not even then one could stop her from visiting art classes and studying Media Design on the side. The crazy Berlin lifestyle always had this deep attraction to her, that’s why she always came back after studying Illustration and Design in this creative city. Even after spending big amounts of time in beautiful places like Weligama (Sri Lanka) and Byron Bay (Australia), as well as Thulusdhoo (Maldives) and Bad Kissingen (Germany).

In April 2020 myREdrm executed the COVID-19 urban exodus. Berlin > country home town > Lisbon to jump to > Costa da Caparica (Portugal) > Tenerife (Canary Islands) > country home town for family celebrations (Germany) > excursion to Bulgaria > Tenerife > ???

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Life @ Earth


Illustration and Design @ AID Academy for Illustration and Design, Berlin

Media Design (digital and print) @ MD.H University for Media Design, Munich

Life @ Yedi Temple, Dimension 8.3


  • concepts

  • to learn new things, collect informations, process them and so simplify them

  • colors and typo

  • to be edgy and critical

  • to use my hands

  • tech & nature

  • development


  • Pippi Langstrumpf

  • Albert Einstein

  • Nikola Tesla

  • Masaru Emoto

  • Joe Dispenza

  • David Carson

  • Beepl

  • Steve Jobs


  • matcha-latte

  • fresh pressed juice

  • chocolate

  • brains

  • music / vibrations

  • science and spirituality

  • mind-body-soul awareness

  • waves and the ocean

collaboration with Giorgia Deregibus Art