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Not all that glitters ...


Tenerife 2021, Massbach 2020

Not all that glitters ...

-> German translation


Someone who seems to be a nice person but speaks bad about his/her ex to you and blames the breakdown of the relationship entirely on the other person is not really nice, but lost. This person is very, very likely, consciously or subconsciously, to drain you energetically, which can lead to serious depression.


An interpersonal relationship NEVER fails only because of ONE person. It is ALWAYS because of BOTH. If you deny this, you are not capable of taking ownership of your own behavior and should, for the sake of humanity, take a step back from social interactions until you are ready to face your own truth. All your interpersonal relationships are merely a reflection of yourself and you should become aware of that and grow from your experiences.


At least you didn't show and/or stand up for your personal boundaries and/or saw all the many warning signs/red flags, ignored them and ran after perceived benefits that this relationship could have supposedly provided you.



As long as a person is filled with hate, they will not be able to have a healthy relationship and will only drag others into their own abysses. The extensive scientific studies of Dr. Emoto ( large topic, feel free to start your own research) clearly show the effects of emotions (words are not necessary) on water. It should be considered that the human being itself consists mostly of water, which allows conclusions to be drawn about the effects of emotions on the human being itself. On the own person, as well as on those in the energy field of the person. Just as on the ex through time and space.


If we get angry over the fact that we always seem to attract the same kind of person into our lives, or even go so far as to think everyone is the same, we should look for the answer not on the outside, but on the inside.  What do you refuse to see in yourself? What are you refusing to change about yourself?

DO YOU FEEL TRIGGERED? Now before you shoot the messenger, ask yourself: Am I walking around in this world hurting and/or using other people because I myself have been hurt and/or used before? Is it fair to project my own pain onto others and ruin innocent people's lives? If I behave this way, do I even deserve to receive true love? Am I perhaps my own worst enemy?


Someone who speaks badly about their ex now will speak badly about you in the future. Someone who calls their ex "psycho" is a psycho themselves. And the worst energy drainers are those who have the need to lure you into their abysses with luxury.


We cannot change others, but we can change ourselves. Let's be conscious, let's save humanity.

Disclaimer: This text makes no claim to completeness and acknowledges that this topic could fill entire bookshelves in scope and depth.

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