["I am" dreaming again]

myRE, who are you?


  • creation is my profession

  • artist & designer

  • background in business and office management & marketing

  • philosopher, collecting thoughts

  • openminded

  • it's my passion to be passionate

  • energy worker in education

  • "I have this vision.     What can I do ..."

A world & soul traveller, exploring the bright side of the shadow and the dark side of the light. A hippie with confetti, drifting through time and space. Torn between wish and truth. Honestly critical. Running slowly through order and chaos.


Living a lifetime in the manic pursuit of visual and creative bliss, while exploring life in different social structures, cultures and professions, always on the pursuit understand new mediums for expression. My nomadic lifestyle gives me a broad perspective, and offers me a wide range of knowledge and understanding.




Why do you do art?

"Because art, pics still and moving, sound, lyric, ...., can convey for which there are no words."



myREdrm’s creative skillsets have grown to include: Painting, drawing, photography, videography and animation, ... Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, ... She especially also loves to combine pictures with letters and to use typography as part of the pictures. It's about the composition, right.


From fine lines with a hair to bloody colourful massacres. Her work is inspired by art like the impressionism of Claude Monet, the lines of Friedrich Hundertwasser, the Typography of David Carson, the lightings of David LaChapelle, as well as the street art of Banksy.


  • born: 8th May 1988

  • Sun: Taurus

  • Ascendant: Taurus

  • Moon: Aquarius

  • Descendant: Scorpio

  • Venus: Gemini

  • Mars: Aquarius

  • Mercury: Gemini



  • Illustration and Design
    @ AID Academy for Illustration and Design, Berlin


  • Media Design (digital and print)
    @ MD.H University for Media Design, Munich


  • Life @ Yedi Temple, Dimension 8.5

  • Business and Office Management

  • Life @ Earth

myREdrm creates artwork and designs, analog and digital, for well over a decade.

  • Grew up in a faraway village in the north of Bavaria, Germany.

  • Munich ~ 5 years, business career (backoffice, organization, project and team management, design), full time + evenings: media design studies and art courses.

  • Pre-pandemic: Manly lived in beautiful, colorful Berlin, where she surrendered to her creative passions and studied illustration and design full time, also expanding her knowledge with marketing and service skills.

  • After graduating, she stayed mostly in Berlin, but also traveled to places in Asia and Australia, such as beautiful Weligama (Sri Lanka) and Byron Bay (Australia), as well as the islands Bali (Indonesia) and Thulusdhoo (Maldives). And also some time in the fairytale forests of her home village (Germany), where she also executed the COVID-19 urban exodus to, after the outbreak.

  • During the travels to near and far places, also the connection to the spiritual world opened up again.

  • Last years invested into a strong, unshakable foundation.

  • Currently: Lives on Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands (Spain), after some time in Lisbon and Costa da Caparica (Portugal) and Varna (Bulgaria).

Design @  www.styleistheanswer.me


  • Pippi Langstrumpf

  • Nikola Tesla

  • David Carson

  • Albert Einstein

  • Masaru Emoto

  • Joe Dispenza

  • Beepl

  • Steve Jobs

  • Pink Floyd, with "The Wall"

  • Sorelle Amore


  • brains

  • concepts, timelines, stories

  • to learn new things, collect informations, process, simplify, connect, develop

  • visuals, colors, typo

  • nature

  • technology

  • holistic

  • physical & metaphysical topics

  • awareness

  • visionaries

  • matcha-latte

  • fresh pressed juice

  • chocolate

  • brains

  • music / vibrations

  • science and spirituality

  • mind-body-soul awareness

  • waves and the ocean

A few years ago I had to put my entire life on hold to travel through some shady places. On the way I invited my shadows to sit with me for coffee, and realized that in a dual world, running away from either part is not helpful. Instead of avoiding my shadows, I continued my journey by accepting and integrating them.

I found that what I initially thought was a great misfortune turned out to be my greatest blessing. I finally felt like I found myself again, and began to realize that before I was only half a human, trapped in the illusion of separation, and understood that shadow and evil are not the same. It was only through my shadow work, that my soul finally awoke from its prison, and could finally perceive/feel clearly the principles of earthly balance (Ying and Yang / male and female energy / Shakti and Shiva / ...), and find true peace.

My story, which is far from complete, I share through artistic expression using various tools, to promote togetherness and belonging, and offer my helping hand to anyone who strives for it.

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